Update: X.III


Let’s jump straight in where most people will want to be, registration for the next event! We’ll be accepting registrations through January 6th, and allowing THB cards starting the round after Arena release. Please head on over to Registration to sign up!

Leaderboard Update

After the conclusion of X.II we’ve got some new standings to look at:

We’re not at the point yet where weighted score matters, so we can safely say jelleL is in the lead right now, with Draegy and Xunath hot on their heels!

Metagame analysis

After 2 events we can start to see people settling on certain builds of certain decks:
– 4 Color Gates (no white)
– Temur Elementals
– Rakdos Sacrifice
– Jund Sacrifice

Anyone interested in making a write-up of their deck and choices is free to do so and send them in, we’ll post them on here and the main Gentry site!

Persistent registration

For your convenience, it is now possible to auto-register for following events. Just contact me through the Discord, Facebook or email arena@gentrymagic.com to sign up for this. We will always use your latest submitted decklist.